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Saturday Night January 6, 2018

Tony David & Kerry Edwards 

The Lakehouse at Cherry Creek

State Park Marina

   Enjoy music you remember when you join us Saturday Night January 6 at The Lake House at Cherry Creek State Park Marina as Tony David and Kerry Edwards perform their popular "Legends of Las Vegas" show. 

   Music, a show and dancing in a unique lakeside setting. 

   The "Legends of Las Vegas" show features all-time hit songs of "The 60's Rat Pack"--Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr plus memorable hits of Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, Garth Brooks and other Vegas stars.  
   Doors open at 7:30, music is from 8 to 11 at the Lake House at Cherry Creek Marina.  $15 entry includes your first beer. glass of wine or mixed drink. A Park Gate fee of $2 (not the normal $9) will be paid at the bar by guests without a Colorado Park Pass.

   Enter the park at the West Entrance off the Dam Road at South Dayton near Cherry Creek High School.  Do not pay at the gate.  Watch for the signs. Plenty of parking.

Entertainers Tony David & Kerry Edwards 

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Singers Tony David and Kerry Edwards are the most popular entertainers for the Denver area adult singles crowd. In addition to playing at country clubs and civic organizations they are the most requested entertainers for the Boomer Social Network dances.

They sing the songs the 50+ age group grew up with the way they were originally performed and sing those that are best for dancing.

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" Reprinted from the Glendale

Cherry Creek Chronicle

October 2016"

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Halloween Extremes

Halloween contains trick or treats, haunted houses, witches, ghosts and superheroes to amuse children.

What about grown-ups than never did grow up?

Instead of accompanying kids and grandchildren for begging on a dark and stormy night., some adult singles still get their own chance at Halloween their way.  The exact date of Halloween is two days after the Saturday parties.

Most young parents and non-parents observe the event at bars and nightclubs that will be recognizing the theme.

Then there are the private costume parties especially for adults of all ages.

At one end of the party, dancing and drinking spectrum is the annual Boomer Social Halloween Dance.   This age 50- plus group has already seen their share of Halloween, first through the eyes of their children and now their grandchildren.  They also have a wealth of costume background.  So, now it is their turn but in a more sedate style.

Far from an open bar, their first and often only drink is included in the $15 admission.  Music is familiar, what they remember from different times of their life and is not loud.

Their favorite entertainers are the duo of Tony David and Kerry Edwards who sing recorded songs exactly the way they were written.  Costumes are less blood and gore but often sexy and imaginative.  The singles are once again dating so most try to emulate a celebrity they admired.

The crowd dances non-stop but leaves at 11 on Saturday night to be ready for church in the morning.

The adult singles celebration is usually in a sedate Southeast Aurora hotel, but this year it is at The Rendezvous Restaurant, adjacent to Heather Gardens Community Center.  Doors open to party guests at 7:30. The music starts at 8 with line dancers filling the floor.

No reservations are required or taken.  More information and photos are at www.Boomersocial .net. 

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